Art Appreciation

The Cheadle College

A 10 week course which will explore the history of western art. We will be considering the different types of painting from Pre-Renaissance to the present time. Topics will include Giotto, da Vinci, Impressionism, Cubism and Modernism.


The History of Western Western Art (25/09/14 – 04/12/14)

Along the way we will be exploring:

  • Who commissioned paintings and why?
  • Where are the great galleries of today and how did they acquire their collection?
  • What makes Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo great masters?
  • Why are the Impressionist paintings so expensive and was this always the case?
  • How does a work by van Gogh become the most expensive painting ever purchased when he gave them away for food in his lifetime?
  • Is Cubism art and how did Picasso become a legend in his lifetime?
  • Are there any great British masters?
  • Are there any great women painters?
  • What is the difference between realism and modernism?
  • What is symbolism?



Western Art in the 20th Century  (15/01/15 – 26/03/15)

A 10 week course exploring the history of western art in the 20th Century.


Along the way we will be exploring:

  • Who decides what art is?
  • What influences modern artists?
  • How can a men’s urinal be considered the most influential work of modern art?
  • How does a work that has a number for a title become the most expensive work ever sold?
  • Can art stand alone?
  • Who are the great modern artists?
  • Where does feminism stand in modern art?
  • What is the difference between Nabis and Fauvism?

What skills do I need?
No experience necessary just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Who takes it?
Everyone welcome with an interest in art.