German – Beginners 1

The Cheadle College


German Beginners 1  This course will cover German language, history and culture. You will learn how to introduce yourself, talk about your family, your interests and how to deal with holiday situations, like booking a hotel, directions, transport and ordering food etc.

This course is aimed at meeting your needs so there will be a lot of room for group or individual requests

What skills do I need?  For the Beginners 1 course no previous experience is required.

How will I learn?  You will learn by a variety of methods which will develop your ability to speak, write, read and understand German.
Grammar points will be revised or learned as
necessary to enable you to develop your writing skills. Written work may include letters, reviews and discursive essays.
For the Further Language Skills course we will use the textbook “Brennpunkt” and shall cover topics such as relationships, education, the arts and the environment.

Will there be coursework?  These are a practical course but you will be able to build up a portfolio of evidence

How much practical work is there?  In one sense everything you do is practical as it is designed to help you to speak and understand German in basic everyday situations which you are likely to meet on a visit to Germany and when dealing with German speakers.

Who takes it?  Anyone who wants to study German culture and language in a structured way and who wishes to work with like-minded fellow learners under the weekly guidance of a tutor.

What can I do with it?  By the end of the course you can expect to be able to communicate effectively with a German speaking person with confidence and competence in everyday situations. You will be able to progress to more advanced courses in this language.

Any other useful information?  Please do not purchase anything until after the first session. Bring paper and pencil to the first session unless asked to bring other equipment.